Intergalactic rainbow experience
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Intergalactic rainbow experience  

24th November 2007 - 21st  February 2008 - depends on you!
@ The Undeceiving, Veracruz, Mexico.                    

We, who are brothers & sisters, families of life on earth, friends of nature, animals and of all people, calling ourselves Rainbow Family Tribe, humbly invite:
All races, peoples, tribes, communes, men, women, children, individuals out of love.
To join with us in gathering together for the purpose of working towards peace on earth and harmony among all creatures.

Rainbow gatherings:
Since rainbows started they have sprung all over the earth, bringing another vision of humanity through compassion, unity, art, freedom and love. Gatherings have been going on for 35 years, and they are to me like a temporary community living tribal anarchy. The gatherings are free non commercial events, open to all peaceful people, there are no leaders, no administration and hence it's the biggest non-organization on earth that gathers all over the planet to pray for world peace.
After sometime gatherings started to have an intention so those within the family could gather and work towards a common vision.

We invite those inspired by this magic to live as a merging tribe and find ways that we can actually achieve extending the spirit of the rainbow path into a way of life, so as a result of these experiences we can manifest more intentional sustainable communities and caravans, so we can have alternatives to continue to grow as a rainbow family.

Why experience?
The gathering is a part of the experience, as well as the community creation, and spreading through organic caravans.

Why intergalactic? 
So there are regional, national and world gatherings, so why should we initiate an intergalactic one?  We are about to reach a major planetary convergence of major cosmic cycles for 2012. Though theories are many, it is vital for us to realize that we are probably not the only sentient or intelligent beings in the galaxy, therefore to open up our invitation be it symbolic, towards other beings in the galaxy allows us to be even more inclusive complementing the cosmic spectrum of the rainbow. This experience seeks to be as much a reaching out to the galaxy as well as an inner journey.

Therefore…the intention 
We propose a gathering with a few distinctions that we hope we can together manifest as a global unified family. We clarify that this is a vision from the scouts and that all decisions will be made through consensus in councils on location.

We envision that as a result: 
Create a continuously evolving sustainable community. 
A model of a radically creative autonomous sustainable culturally diverse living habitat. 
Empower, teach, learn and inspire ways to live with less impact on the earth.  
Motivate several groups traveling in organic caravans to inspire and create change. For a greener and more peaceful earth.  

Let us unite, and be the change we wish to see in the world!

This invite is extended to the rainbow family and to all those who want to work towards the revitalization of our planet, artists, healers and spiritual seekers.
We also extend this invitation to other tribes throughout the galaxy, to bring their offerings so we can rise in the light of diversity.
All are welcome, although since this gathering is focused on an intention, we hope to those coming take the time to read through our invitation so we can bring gatherings towards a different

We hope that those attending seek an experience that can surpass pleasure to create a lasting compromise to a radical transformation on earth.

Seed camp 
Our vision with a longer seed camp is to create a strong infrastructure so that we can have a healthy and organized habitat, so we can have the time and space to grow happily and organically.
This seed camp is intended to organize and create communal spaces and plant trees and crops that can be harvested towards the end of the gathering and that can be used as food for those intending to live in the established community.  

Communal spaces.
Welcome home
Kids village
Main Sacred fire
Shit pits
Temascal (sweat lodge)
Council space

Rainbow Gardening.

Germination station
Seed bank
Veggie gardens
Medicinal gardens
Fruit gardens
fruit forest.

What needs to be done?

How to do it?
Who will do it?
Community council
Scout council
Nomadic Caravan council
Women's council
Vision council.

Community formation.
One of the main distinctions is that this gathering will take place on private land. There are several possibilities of creating a permanent community, be it through purchase or through other agreements. In most gatherings there is so much work invested in the land and after the gathering ends, the land in which so much energy has been deposited is left behind, where a space could still live on and be open for people who want to live either on a permanent or temporary basis. These places need to exist so we can eventually live in a more auto-sustainable lifestyle. There are several lands surrounding the rivers at the gathering site, hence thousands could live sustainable and develop, there is a great abundance of water for many, many generations.  
The community will be created by those who will take part at the community council towards the end of the gathering, where the common vision can flourish.


El Desengaño (The Undeceiving) Veracruz, MEXICO.

Nanchital river
The main river is about 35 meters wide and can be crossed by foot in most areas. This rivers leads downstream to the town, as well as to Cerro Nanchital village where its much bigger.  

The birth of the crystal light river:
Emanates from the base of a cliff, surrounded by luscious jungle.  
The water literally comes out of holes in the rock, the pressure is really strong, the river is about 20 meters wide, and is about 6 meters deep at the center.  
The water flows quite rapidly and eventually flows into the main Nanchital river, you can just swim or let yourself go and eventually you will be taken to main circle.

The Sanctuary:
The area surrounding the water birth is covered with coral formations, these coral are extremely sharp and dangerous, hence we advise extreme caution and respect through these sacred grounds. Our vision is that this is an area for contemplation and silence.  
The place itself demands it.

Pure water source:
The 3rd river comes gushing from the mountain, the water comes fresh and falls into crystal river. Forming a big pool a few hundred meters from the main circle, this water will be used for drinking, cooking, washing, etc.

Even though the area is greatly deforested for cattle grazing, there are trees following the river lines, there are also areas where shade can be found. The main circle is flat and open, surrounded by trees and the river.
Camping can also take place in the jungle.
Most of the area is covered by grass.

December is usually towards the end of the rainy season, rains are less in January though the driest month is February. Still the sun comes out almost daily. The weather is quite unpredictable, like it is occurring all over the planet due to effects that we all know today.  The site is at about 400meters above sea level, so the temperature can be pretty hot, though January is known to be the freshest in the year since it carries the north winds. The temperature of the rivers is quite fresh, and the Nanchital river is very pleasant to bathe.  

Even though the area has suffered from deforestation, fires and other hazards there are still many animals, that roam in the jungle. 2 types of monkeys, jaguars, peacocks, many types of birds, etc.  

Humble request:


Getting there: 
Main access is through a City called Las Choapas, 1 hour south of Coatzacoalcos.  3 hours east of Villahermosa. 
There are also other ways to get here by bicycle, walking, horses or overland through dirt roads or trails. In case you are planning such a voyage please let us know which direction you are coming from so we can advise you on a convenient route. 
If you are coming by bus, ride etc…
There is no public transport to El Desengaño, and from there its still another 5 km to the welcome home. 
There are buses leaving from the southern terminal towards La Libertad (freedom), though the turn off to El Desengaño, is a few kilometers before, and from there its around 10km to the welcome home. 
Arranging transport: 
During the gathering, (8th January until the 21st of February) pickups towards the site can be arranged at Las Choapas Central Plaza, meeting spot is at "Fito Jr Café" right at the plaza, from there ask for the transports going towards El Desengaño. 
Updates will be posted on the yahoo group:

By car: 
The site is quite remote, its about 2:30hs South of Las Choapas in the state of Veracruz.
From Las Choapas, take the road towards Cerro Nanchital. (70min).
Just before (500meters) arriving to Cerro Nanchital there is a turn to the right on a dirt road that leads towards La Libertad (Freedom) (ironic ah!) Along this road you will see rainbow ribbons. This road extends for about 45 min until a crossing that will be marked, take a right at this is the turn on top of a hill that leads towards "El Desengaño", there follow this road until the next crossing, which will also be to the right, after about 5km you will arrive to the village, at the first crossing take a left and follow the ribbons for another 5km until you arrive to a ranch on the right that will lead you straight to the entrance, parking is available there, the parking lot is steps away from the Nanchital river. Welcome Home!  

What to bring 
Bring you camping gear, flashlight, tarp, utensils, plate, cup, food, seeds, medicines, musical instruments, rain gear, and lotsa energy…
When you decide to join your sisters and brothers at this gathering ask yourself ; What skill do I have to share or teach?   What tools or supplies can I bring?   What project or workshop can I focalize?   If you'd like to donate money that can be given to the "magic hat"(community fund) but, more valuable than money is your energy toward the common vision!
As individuals we are limited, as a tribe our abilities are exponentially greater!

What not to bring 
Alcohol, drugs, dogs, firearms, unnecessary plastic. False Ego, Pets, electronics.


24th of November 2007

24th of December 2007

8th January, 2008

21st February 2008

Full moon

Full moon

New Moon

Full moon

Seed camp

New years Celebration

Intergalactic rainbow gathering

ECOmmunity initiation

Blue Rhythmic Eagle

I Organize in order to Create 
Balancing Mind 
I seal the Output of Vision 
With the Rhythmic tone of Equality 
I am guided by my own power doubled 

Red Planetary Serpent 

I Perfect in order to Survive 
Producing Instinct 
I seal the Store of Life Force 
With the Planetary tone of Manifestation 
I am guided by the power of Space 
I am a polar kin I extend the Red galactic spectrum 

Yellow Crystal Sun

I Dedicate in order to Enlighten 
Universalizing Life 
I seal the Matrix of Universal Fire 
With the Crystal tone of Cooperation 
I am guided by the power of Free Will

Yellow Self-Existing

I Define in order to Target 
Measuring Awareness 
I seal the Input of Flowering 
With the Self-Existing tone of Form 
I am guided by the power of Universal Fire 

The scouts. 
Rainbow Nomadic Organic Mounted Tribe.

We commenced our march on horses at the World Rainbow Gathering in Costa Rica in March 2004, we have been traveling on horses since then keeping the rainbow tradition alive in the form of a moving community that seeks to find the way of the rainbow warrior.  We have passed through hundreds of villages, doing multicultural performances, environmental education, reforestation festivals and activities seeking to maintain a profound respect for cultures and the Great Spirit. We see ourselves as part of the larger family seeking innovative ways to discover the rainbow path, walk and march through the earth gathering and spreading our love and energy to create a more harmonious planet. For more info

Or download our PDF

Rainbow Spreading

Organic Caravans…  
Usually after the gatherings caravans take different directions, sadly we are still dependent on fossil fuels, thus we intend to trigger 2 caravans, North and Southbound by foot, on horses, bicycles, etc.


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